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A night on Woody Island

Woody Island Dory

Recently we took an overnight trip to Woody Island, located in Placentia Bay, Newfoundland. I was a little skeptical at first when we made the plan with our good friends to go to Woody Island for the nght, I mean my God, no TV, Internet, shoddy cell service and electricity for short periods of time when the generator was running. The two hour drive from St. John's was uneventful, the highway condition sucks in spots but we made it to Garden Cove where we caught the boat to head over to the island. The boat, The Merasheen is a nice cabin cruiser modified to accomodate large groups of people.

The Merasheen

The weather wasn't all that good for the trip over but it was fairly warm and the fog lifted after short time to reveal the sites of Sound Island on one side of us and the Burin Peninsula on the other. The trip from Garden Cove to Woody Island took about an hour and was a relaxing and enjoyable cruise, Captain Gary is extremely knowledgable about the area, it's history, and he has many stories and facts to share with interested guests.

Arriving at Woody Island, the weather had improved greatly. Now sunny and about 25 degrees celsius. After docking, we made our way up to  the main house for the welcoming instructions and room assignments. We then found our rooms and started to explore the Island. There are lots of trails making walking relatively easy. A short walk in one direction takes you to a nice beach with a view of Sound Island across the bay.

Woody Island

Trails going the opposite direction from the main house will take you to the other end of the Island where you'll find incredible scenery and some sites of historical interest along the way.  After some exploring, it's back to the main house for a lunch of traditional all you can eat  Newfoundland grub. The food is amazing and plentiful. There's lots to do on the island or in the water, but a highly recommended hike after lunch was in order to work off some of that delicious food, it was that or take a nap but who wants to nap when there's so much to see.

After some afternoon recreation, it's time to relax with a drink and wait for the next home cooked meal. Supper, dinner, whatever you call where you're from was even more impressive than our lunch. Again, amazing food with freshly baked bread, and they won't let you go away hungry. The night comes with some great live entertainment, beverages, and good company. The evening's entertainment covers all kinds of music and informative facts about Newfoundland tradition. After a fun night of music, jokes and drink, it's off to the room for bed. Even though the generator is quiet enough to hardly notice, when it shuts off for the night, the silence is so soothing it's hard to explain. Depending on the winds you might hear the ocean hitting the shore which is a nice when drifting off to sleep.

In the morning, it's time for some breakfast and coffee or tea. Breakfast, like all meals at the resort is pretty much all you can eat. Then back to  the room, pack your bags, and get ready for the departure. You have plenty of time for a morning walk, row, or whatever you want to do. We left the Island at around 11 am. You don't go directly back to Garden Cove by any means, after leaving the resort area we went around Woody Island to be sure to see the whole island from the water. Then we went across the bay to Bollard Town for a boil up. At the boil up we had homemade beef and vegatable soup, fresh home made bread, sandwiches, tea and treats. My wife especially liked the home made Date Squares.

Bollard Town

While our guides prepared our lunch, there was time for a little exploring around the small harbour. Bollard Town Harbor is a well protected, quiet harbor that would make for a great swimming hole with lots of blueberries around the shoreline, unfortunately they weren't in season when we were there. My wife and I took a walk around the harbor to the opposite side from where we were having the boil up. There was an old wrecked boat there that I wanted to check out and get a closer look at. Not sure what the story on the boat is but it made for an interesting photo.

Bollard Town Boat

The history of Bollard Town is an interesting one as explained by Captain Gary, I won't go into it here as you'll have to make the journey to get all the details. In my opinion, it was well worth the trip and the money! I highly recommend the adventure whether you live in Newfoundlnd or away.

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